Everything Ends

this is a jam i’m working on. i used the microkorg for the underlying swells (because that’s all i can confidently do on a synth so far) and its my first time recording it. drum machine and guitar for everything else.

i’m gonna expand on this some time when i am better aquainted with the synth and whatnots. hooray

here’s a rough recording from about a year ago.

my cover of “Five and Dime” by Port O’Brien

Storm Chasers

i’ve been working on this for a couple days and it’s finally somewhat of a finished product. just a jam based off some riffs i play a lot, plus a few layers i added to fill it out a bit. lots of pedal usage.

a bit of postrock-ish stuff i did today to test out the new geetar

Fringe Class

jam from yesterday. probably the funkiest thing i’ve ever played

Goodbye Shimmering Youth

a guitar jam i did last night with the drum machine on my pedal.

title inspired by the fact that i’m turning 21 in two weeks and i’m in no way ready to be an adult

Kowala Knife - "James Murphy I Love You, But You’re Freakin Me Out"

Neil on synths, bass, vocals
me on trumpet, guitar, vocals

heavily influenced by LCD Soundsystem’s 45:33 (obviously)

recorded by Neil using Garageband.

my ukulele cover of “Edit The Sad Parts” by Modest Mouse